The Power of Positivity

The power of positivity can change your life.

The past couple of days I have been grumpy.  I decided that today I would change that.  In the past, I would use the the power of positivity to help me change my outlook.  Instead of being hard on myself or grumpy, I would tell myself, “It’s okay.  Today is a great day! Everything is fine.”

After I kept telling myself this over and over again, things started looking up.  My attitude changed and everything around me got better.  It’s not always that easy. It’s a constant battle to keep a positive attitude with all of the negativity out there but you must stay focused.  Don’t let anyone bring you down.  Those people are toxic and you deserve better.

How do you handle your bad days?  Are you hard on yourself?  Do you take it out on the people around you?  What do you do to make your bad day better?  After going thru some difficult times, I found Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life.”  In the past, it had helped me and it can help you, too.

Have you ever noticed how easy negativity spreads?  It spreads like wildfire! Imagine spreading positivity everywhere in your life.  When you get rid of the toxicity in your life, you will see an immediate difference but in a good way.  So, start right now.  Tell yourself you are beautiful, today is a great day and life is good.  Keep telling yourself these things because it’s true!

Daily positive affirmations are vital. When you tell yourself you hate something, like your job or financial situation, it will get you nowhere.  You are pushing yourself further and further away from what it is you want.  When you say daily affirmations, you must keep them in present tense – I love my job, I have money or I have a great life.  As you say these positive affirmations, you will begin to see changes.

Just remember, love yourself.  You deserve all the good things that come to you.  You can do it!




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